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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah
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January 2017
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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah [userpic]

don't even have to close my eyes... well i guess the same thing happened to me before, with me staring around & i could see things just as clear by my eyes, as i did by my mind... & now when its clear, i know i'm dreaming ;)

and i fall into my dreams *constantly*... just feeling too tired to practise scribbling, too bored, too FRUSTRATED that its only noon (*sigh*)... when my excitement of the day is to make a trip to the kitchen/bathroom (again, *sigh*).... well, there is always online mah jong. :-/

i so often find myself out in a field, a verrrry large grass field that i see the wind pouring through... so much wild flowers, and i hear the breeze, and smell the flowers... i am sitting beneath the tree that i am leaning back against, & hear children singing & laughing... sometimes i am in the identical setting but i am rocking on a bench...

another couple of setting that i find myself in Tibet, the air is *so* crystal clear, and bites my cheeks & eyes with every rush past me... but it is "home" to me... sitting freezing in the snow, or across rocky short grassy leading to a shallow lake....no matter where i am, in the dream, to stare at the mountains, & dream ;)... i can't explain the calm it brings me, when i'm there i don't feel like i *have* to go anywhere...


I wish I could see things that clearly when I meditate. *hugs*