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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah
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January 2017
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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah [userpic]
i feel need to comfort THEM..

thinking about how other people are reacting to me, and want ME to act...

the biggest state of confusion come with other people getting upset when i don't turn my head.. they always seem to take it as a sign that something is suddenly wrong...

"Julie, what happened to your eyes?" asked while i am listening to an entire table of conversations, the room filled in front of me & a bar behind me that was mostly empty, i somehow here that empty space... but listening of course with no interest in turning my head...

"Julie, are you okay??" i was sitting & thinking amused about nonsense, but just so happen to be turning my head a little down so i must be "depressed"...

"Watch! Watch!" points his arm to the screen, i thought about arguing with him "i can see blobs of color, but it doesn't matter if i turn around AT the screen or not"... but he's excited so i turn...

"i thought you can see" thinking i could see the details below my feet as i walked in & out of the buildings with no problem, i only walk in very straight lines (sidewalks lead me where i'm going)... hallways are VERY clear & easy to walk, & you can hear when the Empty is opened up to the side so you stop walking until sure no one else is coming...

"are you listening to me?" ... i am changing my ear-focus from one person to the next, even though i don't turn my head away from one person & onto the next person...

i think sunglasses would be a reminder & a sign to others, more than anything... i'll look like John Lennon ;)

like, peace!


Oh, dear!

I have no solutions to offer, just condolences. I can see how annoying that would be.

its okay, i was just having a temper tantrum here ;)
thanks for understanding ♥