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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah
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January 2017
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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah [userpic]
Sunshine makes me happy... (duh!)

its breaking clouds, sunshine peeking through, and i'm relieved....

when its cloudy i feel closed up inside myself... its "okay", i say it doesn't bother me... but i find myself breathing just deeper in the sun...

i don't know why, but i can see just the slightest of light in the blinded part of my right eye, not that it needs to be as bright as sunshine (i see lights in living-room, computer, etc.) but only see the formation & place that the light is at.... faint, but there...

the only comfort i find at all in this situation, is the fact its so so easy to be facing you, and not seeing you (making sure to turn slightly to the left)... not having to face the horror or violence on the television, instead looking off at my blurry books & yarn, and spinning up plans in my head.... so don't get me wrong, i would *love* to get some relief, and "see" again, but even if i never improve (G-d forbid), i'll live...