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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah
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January 2017
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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah [userpic]
can you see the "people"?

when i just woke up (i can't remember) i told my sister i saw my Father & Nanny (my grandmother)... but as i come around i kept quiet about seeing anyone (afraid of being considered crazy and locked up)...

at first i was TERR-I-FIED to see them, they were so vivid to me i couldn't tell they were a hallucination, so talking to them will be talking to the sky... crazy lady :(

another bit of strange was the fact that they showed up one at a time, sat or stood next to me for a minute, then walked off making room for the next person...

i *refused* to acknowledge them, & was sure to answer no one who was "alone" in my room (they could be a person or could be one of them) i could ask my sister "are they alive?", or at least talk only if i had other people around who saw them & talked to them...

i saw a woman who stood in forearm crutches, and a black man (he was the only one who waved to me, smiling), some of them looked sad but most of them peeked at me curious, some of them (thank G-d it was a very small amount) were children... almost everybody was a grown up...

i also didn't recognise any of them except for when i saw Bobby (my stepfather, who was *glowing*), and looking down into my lap i saw Amber-dog (she was wrapped in a blanket)...

when they pushed me into Rehabilitation "they" disappeared! (at first) and i was so *so* releived... thats when i noticed people, who walked in the room to visit the woman who lived in the room with me... they seemed so pleasant, dressed nice (although a little "dated") & one of them was even a dark skinned doctor, and then they would disappear on their own or be walked through..... great. i got scared AGAIN hahah ;)

i got my sister to pull the curtain around my bed so i didn't see any of "them" show up again (i felt bad i did that)...

my vision of them has gone down from the many-many-many i saw in the ICU, to just a couple in the Rehab, to hardly any at home & the hotel...

the most important fact is i'm not afraid of them anymore... they aren't here as "escort" me to the After-life, and they aren't making noise over my day to day... they are peaceful & curious, so if they want to look at me, let them look..


i'm guessing that they faded the further away from the veil you got. you could see them when you were closer to death, but the healthier you got, the more real-time your vision got.

which makes me glad to not see them! ;)

i know they were they to comfort me, i was never alone, but they scared me to see..