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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah
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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah [userpic]
take notes:

being "passionately devoted" to ANTI-religion, means you have a "religion."

got it?


because i'm getting pretty sick of it.

- J.

EDIT: not changing words, but adding emphasis, because i think some people are not seeing each of the words i used here.

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Some atheiests are like that but it's not inherently true, I'm passionately anti nazi does that mean I'm actually a nazi?

i said "anti-religion", i did not say "atheist", or nazi.

ever hear of Godwin's? hahaha ;)

Good point.

And more specifically, an idol.

Idolatrous Atheists, Inc. Hmm...

THANK you.


I don't think I understand, or if I do, I don't agree.

Calling an opposition to religion a religion is a little like calling asexuality a sexual orientation. It sort of occupies the same slot, in that it precludes having an actual religion/orientation, but it isn't really one itself. In the paperwork of life, the atheist and the asexual both fill in the corresponding fields with "No". I suppose being passionately antireligious might make it "Hell no!", instead, but that's still a "no".

Throwing a lot of passion behind one's opposition to religion doesn't make it a religion. It might make it as irrational and powerful and emotionally charged and incorrigible as religion. But it doesn't make it meet the basic criteria for religion, because it neither confers belief in/worship of a higher power/anything supernatural the way inarguable religions do, nor does it inform a person's lifestyle in a coherent philosophical direction the way some arguable religions like Daoism do.

Religion- Webster's Dictionary. Definition 4. any object of conscientious regard and pursuit. - Some people are 'religious' about going to the gym. Others, about opposing religion. Also, I doubt qilora was naming their anti-religion an actual religion. More referring to the fervor and devotion many of them apply to their opposition of religion.

-applauds wildly- thank you!

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me grok you.

I hear ya...:/

there are some fervent in their 'religious' beliefs and others just as fervent in their 'a-religious' beliefs and a bunch in the middle who go along with what they've been taught without really thinking much about it -- I don't think there's any rational way to sway the thinking of anyone regarding the ideas of religion -- I have my own thoughts but rarely share them, it would be like arguing which is the true best ice cream flavor...
personally my favorite is vanilla--it's somewhat bland but it goes so well with a multitude of other things like pie, fruits, cake, various toppings...but I'm not real fervent, I like chocolate too :-)

both of my sisters are unaffiliated to religions, and personally not interested in joining/observing any organized religion in particular, and they are also not-at-all-interested in being ANTI-religion for anyone in their life who is somewhat-affiliated to a religion-in-particular, for example: ME. ;)

they are un-religious, but not passionate/devoted to the destruction of any other religious-system...

and btw, i have never understood why people accuse vanilla of being "bland", its SUCH a prized spice (ever see the cost of *one* vanilla-bean?? compared to a lb of cocoa??) hahaha

and besides, vanilla + chocolate = sheer-heaven.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I like that... 'Evangelical Atheism'