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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah
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January 2017
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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah [userpic]
Mumbai update:

i just heard from Mame that the rabbi Holzberg and rebbetzin (Rivka)'s 2 year old son has escaped with one of the staff...

please pray for the safety and release of the family and all hostages being held in the city....

EDIT: i called around to double-check on the young boy, and so far all the chabad i was in contact with have said that he was actually reported as being "safe", removed from the house by Sandra Samuel...

if i hear otherwise, i'll let you know....

- e.


Rabbi Kotlarsky's email asking for Tehillim:


For the past few hours we have been unable to reach Rabbi and Mrs. Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg, the Shluchim to Mumbai, India, where terrorists attacks have occurred.

The reports we are hearing from there could be better.

It is a time for Tefillah. Please say Tehillim for:

* Gavriel Noach ben Freida Bluma
* Rivkah bas Yehudis
* Moshe Tzvi Ben Rivkah.

All those who can go to the Rebbe's Ohel and ask for rachamei shamayim are requested to do so.

We hope and pray that we will hear good news very soon.

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky

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I have been worrying about this for hours and the reports coming in are conflicted.

I am praying for them (I don't pray much) and going to sleep.

I pray for them as well. :( God willing, they'll be just fine.

Thank you so much for posting this. I didn't know the names of the family in the Chabad house of Mumbai, but I have been thinking of them today, and am so glad that the 2 year old son is safe. The rest of the family is held hostage?

Please HaShem, let them be safe, and all the others.

Oh, Chava! I just woke up and checked the news! The five hostages remaining are dead! There are no words.