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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah
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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah [userpic]
i have a question....

i have a battle that i must settle with a friend, so do me a favor and give me *your* answers to this question:

Poll #1301660 say WOT??

How do you pronounce the word "pogue": i.e. "pogue mahone"

with a "long o", as you would rhyme with "rogue"
with a "short o", as you would rhyme with "cog" or "dog")
póg MO thóin (......ya silly wench!)
i have no idea.

Current Mood: (amused)

póg MO thóin, 'course I'd never say such a thing to a lady such as yourself, ya silly wench ;)


well i NEVER!...


Personally I prefer the African-American variant, "kiss my narrow ass. Twice."

The accents indicate long vowels, so those two vowels are long, and the "o" in "mo" reduced to schwa because the word is unaccented. An bhfuil ceisteanna eile an?

Ah, Gaelic... So many silent letters. My Welsh ancestors may think "w" is a vowel, but at least the rules of their orthography are consistent.

It all depends on the dialect in which one was raised in.

Probably the third, but I don't know what the accents mean. Hear is what my pronunciation would look like written in Ashkenazic Hebrew:

פָג מַהוֹן

If it helps, the "O" in Pogue is pronounced like the "O" in Old English. Not as long as "rogue" nor as short as "cog," and you apparently pronounce "Dog" like the Modern Hebrew word for fish.

That all being said, when it comes to the Irish Band that was fronted for many years by Shane McGowan, I pronounce it to rhyme with "Rogue."