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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah
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January 2017
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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah [userpic]

has it always been the case that people who were writers/story-tellers were such fucking pathological liars?

why the hell don't they just go live a life worth telling?

and it makes me wonder when i share my own "stories" here, if anyone reading me just assumes i am just as much a liar as the rest of Them.

in which case i'll suggest 3 things:

1. my in-house life is very much identified as such: if it happens "in here" i tell you so and don't try to hide it in my blogging as "no really, this happened in 3d, honest injun"

2. if you have a hard time believing my life is for real, considering how un-believable it reads, trust me, i feel the same damn way.... but if i put it here as "3d", its being reported as "true", to the best of my abilities.

3. as for you "friends" who want to tell me your fantastic tales, and use the excuse of "oh, but i am a writer, so i can't help but make-believe", know that your stories have been told a million times before... and everything you say to me has as much weight as one of the books i read to the children last night..... that being "entertaining" and maybe at times happy-making, but not something i would ever use as a gauge when planning things to do with you, or "for" you....

tell stories. that's fine.... don't expect me to believe them as anything but "stories"..

so glad we talked.

- me.

Current Mood: (next!)

yay drama!! :)

what happened? we can tell the difference between your in-house stuff and 3d stuff. always could. how are all the babies? any new births? :) miss reading about everyone. hope things are going well. **hugs**

Liar? Moi? ;)

But the Sacred Hairy Family of Burma ARE REAL!

We just wanna say that we <3 you for this. We never assumed you were pathological liar at all. We've wanted to post that sort of thing in our blog for a lon time. But since we didn't, we're going to second you.

Good heavens. What happened?!
I'm not sure where in the 3-D you're even living now, and I too miss reading you more..both in-house and in 3-D. And of course the difference was always clear between the two.

Online *is* the perfect place to put on masks and make things up... but keep it separate from what's real. Not everyone wants to tell their real story though... meh.
I have a hard time believing what people say over the 'net, but most of the people I've come across seem to be wholly honest...