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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah
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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah [userpic]
REMEMBER:: the gov wants to protect "Money"

not "people"


Nola will have Blackwater mercenaries on the streets again, to "protect" the Money (post-storm), because it is Money that is vulnerable in these situations, and it could be fondled, or stolen(!), or attacked, or become sick/injured or dehydrated or starve to death.... yes. the MONEY could DIE. (G-d forbid)

these mercenaries who may or may not be US citizens, and who may or may not know what an American's Constitutional Rights are.

they know how to shoot though. you can count on that.

- Jules.

(thanks to twistedchick for link)

Current Mood: (not surprised)

That stereotypical line attributed to NRA types about the "King of England knocking down your door" seems relevant. A 'foreign' army will occupy American streets and the American public wont bat an eye.

I'm a Bad Liberal for it, but I do in fact support the NRA and agree with gun rights. I cannot imagine why so many people do not realise how dangerous an unchecked government is.

I support gun ownership completely. It settles in pretty nicely with my libertarian sensibilities, haha. I was just pointing our the irony that the "king of england" turned out to be Americans in the form of hired mercenaries and "the People" have not yet been moved to raise a voice.

It's the ugly side of liberal politics that makes me a little nostalgic for the pre neocon Jeffersonian republican that realized that governments are not to be trusted and that liberty is a personal responsibility. That safety, comfort and complacence are not inalienable rights.

I'm not surprised that you know about Blackwater too. I just finished a whole book about them. Man o man. They are truly the last piece falling into place before totalitarianism. I had always wondered..'if halliburton has built interment camps, why would the regular army be willing to do that to us, should it come down to it? They've been so screwed by the government.' The answer is Blackwater. They'd do anything. So many aren't even from our country, and even come from fascist regimes themselves.