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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah
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January 2017
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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah [userpic]

Moshe's dead! he's dead!! he's-- oh--....... wait a minute.......

(looks close at screen) 

Zora:   hey, THAT's not Moishe!.....
Jules:   yeah, that guy's xtian, actually...
Zora:   wow.... he looks so much like him though!
Jules:   uh...... when the fuck you meet Moshe?
Zora:   you weren't there?
Jules:   no, when? Mt. Sinai??
Zora:   no no no, that coffee house over near the glatt-butcher on Kingston...
Jules:   .................. in Brooklyn??
Zora:   yeah!
Jules:   you met Moshe Rabbeinu in BROOKLYN??
Zora:   (gasps)  oh no no no, i mean Moishe Leberwurtz.... that lovely yeshiva bochur whose mutha's so big in Hadassah.
Jules:   (staring, mouth open, confused) 
Zora:   (shaking head)  dude.. Moshe Rabbeinu's been dead for years... *centuries* even.....
Jules:   (still staring) 
Zora:   dude, shut your mouth. you're drooling....

and btw, even though i think Mr. Heston was gun-nut and i don't agree with his religion or his politics, i used to *love* his movies when i was a kidling (can't tell you how many times i've snarled "filthy ape" at unsuspecting young men) ... and aside from his being an accomplished actor he was a man who had a family who loves him dearly, i'm sure, and he will be missed....

Peace to Mr. Heston & his kin.

- Zora & Co.

EDIT: damn! i swear that is what it feels like! it feels like some really old creepy great-uncle or smokey-smellin' grand-pop has gone and died!.... someone that the family has been estranged from and on not-speaking terms with for eons, and the old koot goes and dies and we look at each other and think "shit."

it feels like we've lost a patriarch :-(.... granted, a crotchety-bastard of a patriarch but still!... its so weird... this is what i get for growing up addicted to TV :-P

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He's gone to the great Planet of the Apes in the sky.