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First things first, I bought a "Live Moss Assortment for Terrariums" - from eileenb58 at Etsy.com (note: she gives you a little letter telling you to contact her if anything happens to the mosses, she is there to help you! she also tells you how to plant those spores) :)

i have their pots in my living room bay window (no direct sunlight)... i spritz them with rainwater once or twice a day (the hair cap moss seems to get skinny as *soon* as it is "too dry," so i use them as the humidity gauge)....

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shalom! - Juju.


this was a very happy surprise!.... go back a bit, a few weeks ago, i was watching a 3rd Rock from the Sun and noticed a tiny little fern plant that sat in a tiny little pot and was a fridge magnet! i saw it on several other episodes since, i thought it was *adorable* and wanted to buy one of my own, so of course here comes Google....

fast forward, i couldn't see an identical of that fridge magnet but i saw a whole bunch of magnets being crafted from these "air plants" ("Tillandsia"s) and were being sold on Etsy, a handful of the magnets made with them were goig for about $15-20....

i went to amazon and found 10 plants being sold by someone, and it was promised that all 10 were different kinds (for collectors) now THAT is what i got most goosey over, and i bought them...

this is their link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B010KPESD4?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00

and here is my deluge of fotos! :D

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they seem to be very happy.. i don't think the plants grow quickly but several of the plants are expanding into the room.... i'll take that as a good sign. ;)

i spritz them with water (have to wipe the fridge afterwards) but am only doing that 2 times a week (so sayeth all of the reading material i've found)

more life i could spread around me kitchen ♥ (Tony has threatened to go on strike if i don't stop. isn't he precious??) ;)

- e. & Co.
Ulla - i see you.

a Bakhtiari inspired piece

i found this pattern in the book:
"Needlework Design from Oriental Rugs" http://amzn.com/0684166224

this is where i come so far :)

embroidery 004

its taking me so long (i have a few other projects that have more important deadlines i have to keep) but i'll have it done by next Summer the latest ;)

- e.

p.s. the Baktiari like these cubist rugs, & have much access to "blue", they are called "the lucky ones" ♥
see: http://www.claremontrug.com/antique-oriental-rugs-carpets/antique-rugs-BAKHTIARI+%27GARDEN+CARPET%27,+Central+Persian-1012
Ulla - i see you.

had a seizure :(

Noah walks in from Shul, Ber-Ber in tow (went to daven with Tatti)... Hadassah sits in living room with Bassi (plays with dolls) & Emuna crawls all over the place putting everything in her mouth....

Ulla: Shabbat shalom, sweetheart... (very obviously anxious)
Noah: (furrowed brow, stares at her while takes off coat) you okay? (Ulla nods)
Ulla: (talks to Ber) baby, go get washed for dinner... tell your sisters netilat yadayim... (he leaves the kitchen)
Ulla: i'm freaking out... had a seizure... petit, so *shrugs*
Noah: was it a big one?...

Ulla: no, it was literally so small.... a friggin blink of the eye & was gone... i can't believe i was so FREAKED by it... (has been standing there drying the same glass for entire conversation, realises what she'd done, puts the glass down)
Noah: did you call the doctor?
Ulla: nah, it was *so* small... i just took my tegretal early.
Noah: okay, well, he said you were probably going to keep having the seizures but they were going to get smaller & smaller over time..
Ulla: yeah.... i mean its been what? 4 months since i had one? & this one was a pissant compared to the others--

Ber: FINISHED!! (walking into kitchen with hands proudly held up)
Ulla: (kiss his head) my bubele... help me set out the plates? Hadassah, help me ready the food...
Noah: honey, i want you to remember how bad it was... (Ulla covers face with both hands, head down) relax.. just realise that whatever happens, it is *never* going to be as bad as it was..

Ulla: i know (sounds as though she *wants* to believe, but dot dot dot)
Noah: maybe you should talk to Reb Nachman...
Ulla: (nods, committed) i will...
Noah: (kisses her forehead) even when you are so afraid... you are so brave... i'm blessed to know you..
Ulla: (scared smile, cracks a joke) to know me, is to love me...
Ulla - i see you.

couple meets couple...

Eve & Yeshi walk up to the counter in coffee-haus, catch sight of Jules & Heather, exchange waves & smiles .... Eve & Yeshi swap chatters (more like Eve chatters, Yeshi listens) & starts to come to the other couple...

Eve: hello hello my love! (hugs brother, & waves to his "friend") can we sit with you? (already pulling up a spare chair to the table)
Jules: no you may not (smiling)
Eve: (quick whispers at Jules) shut up (to H.) so hello! its good to see you again! how are you?
Heather: fine. (flushed red, doesn't know what to say, tongue tied, nods as though that's supposed to be a good answer)
Eve: (looks at Jules, blinks)

Yeshi: (sounding ever-so polite & calm) we're just stopping by on our way home..
Eve: (at Jules) you gonna be there tonight? (turns to friend) OH! you must come! i mean, we would love to see you, please come by... (takes her hand across the table) will you be there?
Heather: (looks at Jules, a little shocked but a little amused) uhhhhh....
Jules: (Yeshi & Jules hide smiles, look at each other).... just tell her yes... *trust* me...
Eve: (let's go of hand, knows to behave herself) it just would be very nice to see you & have a chance to talk....
Yeshi: well (slaps lap) we should get going... its good to see you both.... be well..

pleasantries exchanged, the Yeshi/Eve couple leave their table & the haus.... they start down Broad St., Eve lost in thought...

Eve: Tatti, i blew it again.... i scared her, didn't i... next time i won't say a WORD to her, i will be ever so polite & sip my tea & nod at whatever she says... (looks at Yeshi with ever-so-curious eyebrow)
Yeshi: Ima, just be yourself.... don't try to be anyone else...
Eve: (suddenly very sad, decides it is hopeless... she can't be very "like'able")
Yeshi: you are my bashert?
Eve: yes.
Yeshi: then you are who you're supposed to be.... follow your heart & be thankful of that... don't change... it is a shande...
Eve: (tight feeling lets go, she looks calmer)