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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah
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January 2017
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Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah [userpic]
not really sure why...

when i first woke from the surgery i had no concept of words... i tried to use them but apparently i made no sense, although i *did* understand words of people speaking *to* me....

took only a week or so that i got it situated... but i also realized how much i FELT the words... i even now can't listen to conversation and "just listen".... words, "just TV", what another person might be experiencing, i feel/sense/kinetic with the words *before* i find the words to speak...

thoughts are experienced on my body, & smells (oh G-d, so strong) SPEAKS to me... i've been given so many instances of nostalgia, it ain't funny... i think its because i have nowhere to hide, nothing to stare off at... think of it, even someone with full-vision will close there eyes when they want to concentrate on a smell...

have to get used to it...


Raccoons are fascinated by water, which increases the sensitivity of the raccoon’s hands, and they can feel their food better. The raccoon will eat almost anything available. It will capture small prey, but it usually eats mostly vegetables and fruit. This is something that those with this totem should also keep in mind.

One of the most striking features of the raccoon is the mask that it wears. Although some associate this with thievery, it actually gives the raccoon a very powerful mystical symbolism. The use of masks to achieve altered states and for other healing and ritual purposes has been a part of every society. Mask making is an ancient art employed all over the world for ceremony, celebration, and in magical practices. Just as there is with the raccoon, with masks there is ambiguity and equivocation. When we wear a mask we are no longer whom we thought. We make ourselves one with some other force. We create a doorway in the mind and in the physical world a threshold that we can cross to new dimensions and new beingness.

This is the magic of raccoon. It is an expert at disguise and secrecy. It knows how to wear masks for a variety of purposes. It can teach you how to mask and disguise and transform yourself. Each must develop the relationship with the raccoon in their own unique way, but raccoon medicine can teach you how to become dexterous in the masks you wear. It can show you how to wear a healing mask or show you the face you shall become. The raccoon holds the knowledge of how to change our faces. Raccoon holds the knowledge of transformation through masks and disguise. This knowledge can be applied to religious and ritual practices or within normal everyday life. Do you need to present a different face to people for greater success? Are you hiding your true self? Are others hiding their true self? Raccoon can help you find the answers.

If a raccoon has shown up, you may see its influence for an extended time. If you are trying to make changes or endeavoring to hide changes you are making from others until you are in a better position, plan on using about a 20-week cycle. You will find it more effective. For longer and greater life transformations and such, when raccoon shows up you may want to make longer plans.